iRacing Super Latemodel Racing Series is proud to announce it’s sponsorship of the Super Latemodel Racing Series on  Please stay tuned for further updates.

Tentative Schedule

Race Dates Race Name Track Laps
11/14/2017 RKL & Associates 100 Phoenix International Raceway 100
11/21/2017 Lanier 150 Lanier National Speedway 150
11/28/2017 Bristol 150 Bristol Motor Speedway 150
12/5/2017 Flordia 150 New Smyrna Speedway 150
12/12/2017 New England 100 New Hampshire Motor Speedway 100
12/19/2017 Vegas Strong 175 The Bull Ring at Las Vegas 175
12/26/2017 Virgina 150 Martinsville Speedway 150
1/2/2018 150 Stafford Motor Speedway 150
1/9/2018 SOBO 150 South Boston Speedway 150
1/16/2018 Myrtle Beach 150 Myrtle Beach Speedway 150
PLAYOFF RACES 1/23/2018 Delaware 100 Dover International Speedway 100
1/30/2018 Los Angles 150 Irwindale Speedway 150
2/6/2018 CT Wine Trail 150 Thompson Speedway 150
2/13/2018 Oxford 250 Oxford Plains Speedway 250
CHAMPIONSHIP RACE 2/20/2018 200 TBA 200


Rules: Super Late Model Series


  • Fixed Setups – Primarily iRacing default setups, although members can submit setup recommendations.
  • Tuesday Nights – server opens at 7 PM, Qualifying at 8 PM followed by drivers meeting.
    • Drivers must have at least one lap recorded for Practice or they won’t be allowed to race.
  • Use of iRacing chat is mandatory and all drivers must have a working microphone.
    • Drivers will be asked to check in during the drivers meeting to verify working microphone
    • Non competition chatter is not permitted during the green flag, at other times please keep it to a minimum
  • Unless a live race director joins the team iRacing’s automated race director will prevail
  • Protests can be filed after the race and finishing order may be adjusted, official finishing order and updated points will be posted no later than 2 days following the race.
  • Paint schemes must be approved prior to running, any schemes deemed offensive will not be allowed.
  • Points System
    • The Super Late Model Series will use a playoff format, Points will be distributed based on finishing positions and the finial 5 races will make up the playoffs.
    • 1st place will score 35 points, 2nd place will score 33 points, and the remaining positions will be awarded one point less than the previous position.
    • 2 bonus points will be awarded to the driver who wins the pole position.
    • 1 bonus point will be awarded to the driver who leads the most laps
    • 1 bonus point will be awarded to the driver who earns the RKL & Associates fastest lap of the race
    • At the start of the 5 race playoff points for the top 10 drivers will be set to 3,000 points, with drivers being awarded one bonus point for each regular season win, a driver must miss no more than 2 regular season races to run for the championship.
    • The points leader at the end of the regular season will be awarded 2 bonus points for the start of the playoffs.
    • At the end of the 4th playoff race the top 4 drivers in points will have their points reset to 4000 points each, no bonus points are awarded, however the point leader at the end of the 4th playoff race will get to choose which track (1 mile and under paved oval) will host the season finale.
    • The driver with the most points at the end of the finial race wins the championship.
  • Code of Conduct
    • All drivers must be respectful of other drivers
    • Foul language isn’t out right prohibited, we all get caught in the heat of the moment, but if excessive foul language is used the driver will be warned, if they continue they may be ejected from the race.
    • Excessive non-racing chatter can result in ejection from the race.
    • The race director has final say, black flags will only be cleared in rare circumstances.
    • No league member may public threaten, disparage, or otherwise harass other members at any time.
    • Repeated failure to adhere to the code of conduction may result in expulsion from the league.
  • Racing
    • The leader starts the race, iracing’s automated system will be used to determine restart jumps.
    • Laying back on restarts is not permitted.
    • The leader may start the race anytime between the time the pace car clears the racing surface to when iRacing displays the green flag.
    • If the leader has not started by the time iRacing displays the green flag then racing may begin.
    • The Leader may choose to restart on the inside or outside lane, when one to go is given the leader will have to pick the lane and cannot change lanes once he crosses the strip with one to go
    • You cannot pass to the left until you pass the start-finish line
    • Intentionally causing a caution will result in a points penalty
    • Drivers should race as they would if this was real life, unsafe driving will not be tolerated
    • Weaving is allowed under caution, however once one to go is given no weaving is allowed
    • This is short track racing and rubbing is racing, however excessive intentional contact with other cars will result in a warning, failure to correct you driving after a warning can result in ejection.
    • Intentional wrecking will not be tolerated, intent of an incident will be determined by series officals and punishment will be assigned, expulsion from the series can happen for intentional wrecking.