Blue Ribbons for Police

So this is one of my rare off topic blog posts that could borderline political for some people, but it is a cause that I want to make as many people as possible aware of.  About a year ago I started a facebook campaign called Blue Ribbons for Police, this campaign is encouraging people to tie a blue ribbon around a tree (or if you lack trees somewhere that can be seen) to indicate your well wishes toward police officers and your hope that they return home safely after their shift.  The group is here: and while it is a closed group I only do that to prevent the many spam bots and such on Facebook from attacking the page, so if you are interested just request membership and you will be approved.

So the group quickly grew to over 1000 members from all over the country, others have even begun copying what I have done, which creates some mixed feeling for me, on one hand I am glad to see the idea propagate and it is, for me at least, about the police officers and not about getting the credit, but also it does irritate me a little bit to see others willing taking credit for my idea.  I am very proud of what I have done, I would like to see it become even bigger.

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